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Finding the Perfect Dog Care Solution for Your Holiday

May 21, 2024 2 min read

Finding the Perfect Dog Care Solution for Your Holiday

Are you dreaming of sunny beaches, cozy cabins, or bustling city breaks? Well, before you start packing your bags and fetching the sunscreen, let’s talk about one crucial thing: what to do with your pooch while you’re away.

As much as we’d love to take our pups on every adventure, sometimes it’s just not possible. But fear not! There are plenty of pawsome options available for keeping them safe, happy, and well-cared-for while you’re off enjoying your holiday.

  1. Friends and Family: First up, the tried and tested option – calling on friends or family members to look after your pooch. If you’ve got a close-knit pack of friends or relatives who adore your dog as much as you do, this could be the perfect solution. Plus, it’s a win-win situation: your dog gets to spend quality time with familiar faces, and your loved ones get some extra cuddles.
  2. Professional Pet Sitters: If your friends and family are busy or you prefer a more structured approach, hiring a professional pet sitter is a fantastic option. There are plenty of reputable pet-sitting services out there, offering everything from drop-in visits to overnight stays. You can rest easy knowing your dog is in capable hands, receiving all the attention and care they deserve.
  3. Dog Boarding: For social pups who love an adventure, dog boarding facilities are a great choice. From luxury pet resorts to cozy countryside retreats, there’s something to suit every dog’s personality and preferences. Just make sure to do your research and choose a boarding kennel with glowing reviews and a focus on safety and comfort.
  4. Home Boarding: If the thought of your dog spending time in a kennel doesn’t sit well with you, home boarding could be the answer. With this option, your dog stays in a loving home environment, receiving one-on-one attention and care from experienced pet sitters. It’s like a home away from home – perfect for pups who crave comfort and companionship.
  5. Pet-Friendly Accommodation: Finally, if you simply can’t bear to be apart from your four-legged friend, why not choose pet-friendly accommodation for your holiday? Many hotels, cottages, and even campsites welcome canine guests with open arms, allowing you to enjoy your break together as a pack.

Remember, whichever option you choose, it’s essential to plan ahead and book well in advance, especially during peak holiday seasons. And don’t forget to provide your chosen caregiver with all the information they need to keep your dog happy and healthy, including feeding schedules, medication requirements, and emergency contacts. You might even want to take along your Walker & Drake food and treats so they don’t have any interruption to their feeding routine.

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