Prepare For The Cold Weather

November 17, 2021 2 min read

The clocks have gone back, it’s dark by late afternoon, and we’re putting the heating on at night. This can only mean one thing…..winter is here!

While sometimes the weather makes it less than pleasant to be out walking with our dogs, it is important they (and we humans) get their exercise. 

We should however prepare for the cold weather.

Dog Coats

Active dogs and dogs with long coats won’t feel the cold as much but those with shorter finer coats are prone to feeling the cold when outside. Consider using a dog coat to keep them cosy which has the added benefit of keeping some of the mud off their coat as well.


Help your pooch be spotted in the dark by using a fluorescent dog vest, illuminated collar or reflective dog lead.

Looking After Those Paws

The winter conditions can play havoc on your pooches paws. Mud, snow, ice, grit and road salt can all cause problems if not removed after a walk. Gently wash and dry your dogs paws to remove muck after any winter walk.

Keeping Clean and Dry

Make sure you carefully clean and dry your dog after winter walks. Some aren’t that keen to venture outside but when they come back indoors ensure they have a warm comfortable bed to rest in.

Winter Feeding

Understand your dogs food requirement, use a quality complete nutrition food, and adjust as necessary when the seasons change. Most dogs will be less active during winter months so may not need the same amount of food to maintain a healthy weight. 

Stay Careful Out There!

Winter brings with it some hazards and we need to stay wary. Mud, ice and snow can cause slips and tumbles resulting in nasty sprains or cuts. Be sure to keep your dog out of cold rivers and away from iced over ponds.

David Taylor
David Taylor

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