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Puppies & Small Children

July 14, 2021 1 min read

Puppies & Small Children

Having puppies and young children in the same house can be challenging, but the fun they will have growing up together, and the mutual benefits of sharing experiences is well worth it.

We do have to remember though that both species at a young age can be a bit random and unpredictable at times!

Make sure small children and puppies are always supervised when playing together. There is massive potential for either or both parties to get seriously hurt if something goes wrong! Small children can too easily treat a puppy like a teddy bear, pulling tails and fur is very painful to any puppy or dog.

Children toys and puppy toys should be separate things, each stored in their own place and care taken to clean items that are dirty.

Be sure to involve the kids in the training of your puppy, not only does this help to have all family members able to properly care for the puppy, it also teaches kids about an animals and how they work.

Puppies need a safe area where they can go to get away from it all, having a crate is ideal for your puppy so it can safely rest and sleep but still be near the family action.

Be vigilant and watch out for signs that your puppy is worried or stressed. These signs can be visible in a number of ways such as:hiding, tail tucked under, looking away, lip licking, growling, flashing teeth and biting.


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