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Tips for Taking your Dog on Holiday

July 07, 2022 2 min read

Tips for Taking your Dog on Holiday

Tips for Taking your Dog on Holiday

Is your destination pet friendly?

I suppose this is a pretty obvious one but always check if there are any restrictions within your accommodation or local rules that might, for example, exclude your pooch from joining you on the local beach.

Is there enough space for your dog and its exercise requirements?


Take Enough Supplies!

Be sure to pack enough of your usual food dog food. Travelling and a different location can be very stressful for a dog so having the food it is used to is important for controlling those stress levels. Don’t go changing food while on holiday either. Maybe you raw feed and want an easier alternative while you are away? Make sure to transition onto the new food a week or so before you go so your doggo is used to it and comfortable with the change.

And don’t forget those poop bags!!

Take Your Dog’s Things

Make sure to pack some of your dog’s things that will help with that unsettled feeling and anxiety. Does your dog have a bed, toys and a blanket that can be set up so they have their own space?

Be sure to stick to feed times and exercise routines as much as possible.

Go Prepared!

It is always a good idea to see where the local vet is just in case you have a doggy emergency while you are away. Also remember to take insurance details including vaccinations and worming records and have your dog microchipped.

Obviously if you are travelling into Europe you have additional planning to do regarding taking a dog.

Plan Your Activities

This is a holiday for you all, including your dog. Get out and about to those dog friendly venues, activities and pubs. Your dog will enjoy it as much as you!

If you are struggling with dog access at times or worried that your planned activity is too much for your pooch, there is likely to be a local dog sitter that you could use to help you out.


Be Safe, Be Respectful

It is great taking your dog walking somewhere new, they get so excited with all those new smells but keep an eye out for risks such as rivers, cliffs and overgrown areas.

We love our dogs but maybe your holiday neighbour is not such a dog lover? Make sure you respect other holiday makers space, walk your dog on a lead when needed and don’t let it bark constantly!



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