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Unleashing the Power of Nutrition: Why Your Working Dog Needs Cold Pressed Food

April 08, 2024 2 min read

Cold Pressed Working Dog Food

If you're the proud owner of a working dog or any highly active dog, you know just how vital their energy, stamina, and overall health are to their daily tasks. From the loyal Border Collie to the ever-determined Labrador Retriever, our working dogs are the unsung heroes in our lives.

But here's the thing: these incredible dogs need some extra TLC when it comes to nutrition. They're the athletes of the canine world, and just like any top-performing athlete, they require a diet that fuels their demanding lifestyle. Enter cold pressed dog food – the game-changer your working dog has been waiting for.

What Working and Active Dogs Need

Let's break it down. Working dogs, whether they're hunting, herding, guarding, or assisting, are our furry superheroes. They're always on the move, using their brains and brawn in ways that go beyond the average pet dog's activities.

These exceptional dogs burn through energy like nobody's business. Whether they're rounding up livestock, assisting emergency services, or tirelessly assisting farmers, their bodies require more nutrients to sustain their high activity levels and to support their muscles, joints, and mental acuity.

Our working dog food is high in protein with a great blend of vegetables and fruit including potato, sweet potato, carrot, tomato and apple. This provides active dogs with the perfect blend of protein to build muscle and support a healthy immune system, and carbohydrates which are digested over a longer period to promote a slower release of energy.


Breeds that Fall into the Working Dog Category:

In the UK, we're lucky to have a rich heritage of working dog breeds. Think about the trusty Border Collie, renowned for its intelligence and herding prowess, or the Labrador Retriever, a loyal companion and a reliable assistant in various fields.

From the agile and nimble Jack Russell Terrier to the steadfast and vigilant German Shepherd, these dogs have unique traits and tasks that set them apart. But what unites them all is their need for a diet that matches their incredible work ethic.

And let’s not forget the working cocker, a favourite here at Walker & Drake, we have three just in our immediate dog family, Ralph, Beatrice & Max.

Why Cold Pressed Food Nails It:

Now, here's where cold pressed dog food steps into the spotlight. Unlike traditional kibble or wet food, cold pressed food retains more of its natural nutrients, thanks to its gentle production process. The ingredients are carefully pressed at low temperatures, preserving essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are crucial for your working dog's health.

This process not only retains the nutrients but also enhances digestibility, ensuring that your dog absorbs more of the goodness they need to thrive. It's like serving up a wholesome, balanced meal that fuels their body and mind without unnecessary additives or fillers.

Your working dog is your partner in crime, your reliable helper, and your best friend. They deserve the best, especially when it comes to nutrition. Cold pressed food isn't just another dog food trend; it's a tailored solution that understands and meets the unique needs of our extraordinary working and active dogs.



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